Working Capital Finance

This is a convenient way of financing working capital requirement of businesses. This product is used to finance purchase of inventory or raw material for our customers locally. The bank appoint the customer as its agent to source for the goods the customer wish to buy, negotiate price, quality and quantity and communicate outcome of the negotiation to the bank via presentation of proforma invoice to the bank. The bank will then purchase goods by making payment to the supplier, while the agent takes delivery of the goods. Payment of cost plus profit is made to the bank by customer at the agreed future date.


  • The cost¬† and the selling price must be revealed
  • The price and tenure of the lump-sum deferred payment must be agreed upon by the Bank and the customer;
  • The Bank appoints customer as an agent to purchase on its behalf
  • Financing for item of saleable value; e.g. purchase of stock and inventories, spares and replacements, semi-finished goods and raw materials.


  • Advance made by the Bank on behalf of buyer to pay the seller;
  • Price once agreed remains fixed, sales are not affected by money market condition
  • Buyer pays the Bank on deferred payment term.
  • No facility and Management fees
  • Flexible collateral
  • No hidden charges
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