Shaikh Abdulwahab is a renowned Islamic Scholar and preacher who has spent major part of his life in teaching and preaching of Islam. Together with Late Shaikh Ja’afar Mahmud Adam, they have contributed immensely in creating Islamic awareness within and outside the country.

He is a graduate of Darul Hadith in Makkah and Islamic University of Madinah, Kulliyatul Hadith Wa Darasat al Islamiyya (Faculty of Hadith and Islamic Knowledge). He is the Chairman of Bin Baz Foundation, member, Shari’ah Commission of Zamfara State and member, National Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA).

As part of his efforts towards propagation and development of Islam, Shaik Abdulwahab has written several books on various topics including but not limited to Fatwa on Marriage and Divorce, Fatwa on Bid’a (innovation), issues of Hisba, Fatwa on Hajj (pilgrimage), Fatwa on Fasting among others.

Some of his activities include weekly preaching at Usman Bin Affan Mosque Gadon Kaya, Weekly preaching for women and Sahihul Bukhari at Sharada, Fatwa with Radio Kano and a weekly program with the popular Sunnah TV. The Sheikh is married with children.