Are you planning a foreign trip and desire foreign currency(ies)?
We’ve got you covered!
Kindly walk into any of our branches to purchase your Personal Travel Allowance (PTA), Business Travel Allowance (BTA), yours and your children's International School fees (Education), Foreign Medical expenses, Form Q(SME) transactions amongst others.

We are available and ready to process your foreign exchange requests with complete documentation. We can give you your PTA/BTA instantly in cash at all our branches nationwide and remit your Education and medical fees to stated beneficiaries offshore subject to complete documentation.


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1. PTA:

- A valid Nigerian passport (stamped upon collection of cash).

- A valid visa to the destination country.

- A valid return ticket with a minimum travel time of 5 hours to your destination with travel date not later than 2 weeks i.e 14days from the date of application.

- This is only accessible to adults 18 years and above with a valid Bank Verification Number (BVN).

- PTA request is limited to a maximum of $4,000 per quarter per applicant.

2. BTA:

- A duly completed Form A

- Letter of request from the corporate body stating the purpose of the visit addressed to the processing bank.

- Certificate of the business registration/incorporation

- Travel documents- valid international passport with relevant visa and international return air ticket.

- Letter of invitation from overseas business partner.

- BTA request is limited to a maximum of $5,000 per quarter per applicant.

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3. Education (School Fees Payment):

- A valid admission letter

- A valid invoice for the period with full remittance details

- A duly filled form A and letter of authority to debit.

- A first-degree certificate is mandatory for all postgraduate studies request.

- Application can be done through student's or guardian's account with a valid Bank

Verification Number.

4. Medical bill payment:

- A referral letter from a specialist hospital in Nigeria.

- A letter from the hospital abroad stating all necessary details

- An invoice from the hospital abroad with the complete remittance details

- A duly filled form A and letter of authority to debit.

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1. Where can I purchase foreign exchange?

You can purchase your forex in any Jaiz Bank branches

2. What is PTA?

PTA means Personal Travel Allowance.

3. What is BTA?

BTA means Business Travel Allowance.

4. Are non Jaiz Bank account holders eligible for forex in Jaiz Bank?

Yes, provided the buyer meets all the documentary criteria

5. Can a traveler buy dollars on the spot for PTA/BTA?

Yes, provided he or she is within the quarterly limit for PTA/BTA.

6. Is a traveler eligible to purchase both PTA and BTA at once?

No, you can only purchase one allowance at a time

7. Can children buy foreign exchange?

Foreign exchange is sold to travelers who are 18 years and above with Nigerian


8. What is the minimum amount of foreign exchange allowance I can purchase?

The minimum amount is $100 or it’s equivalent in other currencies.

9. What is the maximum I can get for PTA?

PTA is subject to a maximum amount of $4000

10. What is the maximum I can get for BTA?

BTA is subject to a maximum amount of $5000.

11. Can I get PTA/BTA if I am traveling in a month’s time?

No, your travel date must be within 2 weeks of the date of application.

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