Project Financing/Construction (Istisna')

MSME Financing

Under this contract, the Customer will request and the Bank will agree to construct and to sell the project to be constructed at the Bank's selling price (cost plus profit margin) on deferred payment terms and thereafter the Bank will request another party (contractor) to construct the project. The payment of the Bank's selling price may be paid in full or by way of progressive payment as the case may be. Upon completion, the contractor will hand over the project to the Bank or the Bank will authorize the contractor to deliver the project directly to customer.

Type of development includes housing, building and construction of commercial and industrial building/project and contracts awarded by government, statutory or reputable private sector entities


  • The selling price is fixed and agreed by both parties; i.e. Customer and the Bank, it will remain unchanged until the end of the payment period
  • Periodical instalments (monthly / quarterly / half yearly) are determined by the selling price and the payment period.

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