We provide personal banking products for our esteemed customers.

Current Account (Qard)

Jaiz Bank accepts deposits into Current Account from its customers based on the principle of Qard (demand loan). The customer gives the Bank authority to use his/her funds to invest in its operations, with the condition that the deposit is considered as a non-interest loan by the depositor to the Bank, thus guaranteeing the return of the principal.

Savings account (Mudarabah)

Jaiz Savings Account is operated based on the principle of Mudarabah (Partnership). The account allows customers to earn profit on their deposits. Account holders are considered as investors while the Bank act as the Fund Manager and invest funds into financially profitable, socially responsible and commercially viable business ventures which are Shariah-compliant. 

Jaiz Kids Account (Mudarabah)

Opening an account for your child is an exciting moment, we at Jaiz Bank believe learning the concept of savings early in life would help children develop financial responsibility later in life, that is why we introduced Jaiz Kids Account which can be opened in trust for a child by the parent/guardian who will be the primary account holder until the child attains adulthood. 

JAPSA Term Deposit Account (Mudarabah)

At Jaiz Bank, building your wealth ethically is always a priority. JAPSA Term deposit is an innovative product designed specially to meet your investment needs. The Term Deposit offers you the option of higher profit rates at tenures which suit your needs. Account holders are considered as investors while the Bank acts as the Fund Manager and invest the depositors' funds...

Domiciliary Account

This is an account that allows you to save and withdraw in foreign currency (US Dollar, Pound Sterling or Euro). It facilitates your international business transactions.


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