Jaiz Wakala Investment


This product is tailored to corporate and high net worth individuals (HNI) that need high returns with commensurate risk on their investment. Under Wakalah, the Bank will collect deposits from its customers and invest in a specific business venture to be agreed with the customer. The Bank however acts as an agent to invest the depositor’s funds in an ethical manner. The Bank will indicate the expected profit rate to the customer over the agreed period for the investment.


  • Minimum investment of N300,000,000.00 (three hundred million naira only) or its equivalent in any other currency acceptable to the Bank.
  • Funds collected from the investor can be deployed towards investments in transactions permitted under Sharia using any of the Islamic finance contracts approved for the Bank.
  • Expected rate of returns on each transaction is agreed between the parties involved in the transaction before commencing the investment.

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