Special Agricultural Support Scheme

Special Support Facility

The broad objective of the SASS is to increase agricultural production towards food security, job creation and economic diversification. As part of the effort to encourage youth to participate in Agricultural activities a special target fund was set up to encourage youths into Agricultural sector. The objective of the program is to engage a minimum of 370,000 youths in agricultural production across the country over the next three years in order to reduce unemployment among the youths in the country.


  • Nigerian youths within the ages of 18 to 35 years


  • Financing limit will be N250,000 per ha for arable crops; N500,000 per unit for livestock; and N1.5 million naira for plantation crops like cocoa, cashew and oil palm
  • Mark-up of 9% per annum
  • Tenor will be 6 months for grains and broiler production (rice, maize, soy bean etc), 18 months for cassava; 24 months for egg production and ruminants; 5 years for plantation crops
  • State government to mobilize prospective young farmers with representation from all Senatorial Zones, provide land and other infrastructure that will enhance agricultural production on the land

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