We provide trade finances for your import and export businesses.

Jaiz Bank offers unique premium solutions to its teeming customers in line with Codes and Principles of Islamic jurisprudence. This is driven by a culture of service excellence, professionalism and adherence to the strictest ethical standards. 

The Bank's trade finance-based products can be categorized into the following offerings:

Import Finance (Murabaha)

The product is designed for customers that are into the import business. Under import finance, a letter of credit is issued by Jaiz Bank in favour of a beneficiary (exporter) on behalf of the applicant (importer).  The Bank commits and accepts to pay against trade documents drawn in compliance with the letter of credit terms.  

Export Finance (Murabaha)

Under the export finance facility, the Bank will extend the export finance facility to the customer to purchase goods/raw materials against receipt of the inward letter of credit from the importer. 

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