Non-Executive Director

Ibrahim Indimi received a BSc in communications and information technology from Arab academy for science, technology and maritime Transport in Egypt. After which he proceeded to pursue BSc in petroleum engineering at the University of Tulsa in USA. He holds an MBA from Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida. He annually attends leadership and management executive courses at Harvard University to keep up with the ever expanding international business landscape.

Ibrahim Indimi sits on the board of Oriental energy resources LTD as a non-executive director. He is also the founder and chairman of Farinciki group with business in construction, export/Import and manufacturing. He is MD of OER farms which owns north of 40,000 hectares of farmland spread across Kwara state, Edu state and Kogi state.

On the philanthropic side, Ibrahim Indimi is a board member of Muhammadu Indimi Foundation with focus on women and children health, food security and internally displaced persons in North East of Nigeria.

Foreign relations remain both his strength and passion which lead to his ever growing international network and acquaintances from Washington DC to Riyadh, Istanbul to Geneva. Middle East, The Arabian Gulf to Korea and china.