Our electronic channels secure, convenient and reliable.


JaizOnline has been primed to meet the need of all our customers for real time access to manage their finances from anywhere in the world in a secured manner. It provides the much need comfort and convenience as well as privacy on the internet. It is an internet banking platform that keeps you in charge of your finances.


JaizMobile is Jaiz Bank’s brand name for Mobile Banking. JaizMobile is a secure and highly robust platform that allows our customers to carry out their transactions in a safe and convenient manner with the use of their mobile phones. Logging on to JaizMobile gives customers unhindered access to their accounts with Jaiz Bank.


A Point of Sale (POS) terminal is a portable device that allows cardholders to make payment for goods and services. Jaiz Bank POS terminal provides a convenient, modern & efficient means of processing payment online real-time as value is credited to the Merchants account within 24 hours.


JaizPay is a secure web payment gateway developed to facilitate payments online using debit cards issued by Nigerian banks. JaizPay plugs in seamlessly with the existing websites of customers and acts as a bridge between the customer’s website and the bank.


Jaiz Notification System (Jaiz Alert) is a 24 hours notification system, which provides customers with details of transactions on your account(s) via electronic mail and SMS.

One of the benefits of this service is that it gives customers prompt knowledge of transactions on their account(s), thereby enhancing personal finance management and aids in making business and financial decisions.


It is an easy and convenient way that allows customers to recharge their mobile lines directly from their accounts with the Bank by merely dialing a short USSD code. This service only work with the phone number linked to your account.

To enjoy the service, simply dial *389*301*Amount# e.g. Top-up your phone with N2,000, all you need to do is dial *389*301*2000#.


The Jaiz Bank Verve debit card gives customer access to funds in account anywhere in Nigeria. It is linked to your Naira account and can be used to make purchases for goods and services at local merchant outlets (POS, Web) and cash withdrawals at any ATM within Nigeria. Our Verve Card is the perfect card to use for bill payments, airtime purchases and fund transfer.


This is a Naira denominated debit card issued in partnership with MasterCard Worldwide. It is denominated in Naira, but can also be used to settle purchases in other major currencies. It is accepted worldwide as a means of payment for goods and services at millions of merchant locations and over 2.1 million ATMs in more than 270 countries. The Jaiz bank MasterCard card is linked online, real-time to your Current or Savings account; all transactions done using this card are reflected on the account instantly.


Jaiz Bank has deployed a large network of ATMs to offer our customers easy access to their funds 24 hours every day. It allows you to carry out your banking transaction using your debit card in a convenient manner.

Do you know?

You can get your Jaiz bank account ready and working within a snap of a finger.