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Self Reporting Assessment Template

2021 Sustainability Report

Shareholders Update Form

Full Dematerialization Form

Enquiries & Complaint Policy

Corporate Governance Report

Sustainability Report

Corporate Governance Evaluation Report by Nextzon

FATAAWA issued by Advisory Committee of Experts Jaiz Bank

Impact of COVID-19 to our Bank's Operations

Customer Protection and Complaint Management Policy for Jaiz Bank Plc

Jaiz Bank Plc Policy On Insider Trading

Remuneration and Benefits Policy

Policy for the Selection Appointment and Re-election of Directors

Jaiz Bank Plc Communication Policy

Jaiz Bank Plc Policy on Non-Audit Services

Board Audit Committee Charter Version II

Statutory Audit Committee Charter Version IV

Board Governance, Remunerations & Nomination Committee Charter Version II

Board Risk Management Committee Charter Version III

Board Investment Committee Charter Version 2

Survival Fund Information Handbook