We have corporate banking products for you.

Jaiz Wakala Investment

This product is tailored to corporate and high-net-worth individuals that need high returns with commensurate risk on their investment. Under Wakala, the Bank will collect deposits from its customers and invest in a specific business venture to be agreed with the customer. The Bank however acts as an agent to invest the depositor's funds ethically. The Bank will indicate the expected prot rate to the customer on the agreed period for the investment.

Jaiz Auto Finance

This is a product designed to finance acquisition of automobile for salary account holders in public and reputable private organizations. The financing is based on the concept of cost plus mark-up. The Bank purchases the vehicle and sells to the customer with reasonable markup (otherwise called profit) on a deferred payment basis.

Jaiz Household Appliances Finance

Under this contract, the Customer will request and the Bank will agree to construct and to sell the project to be constructed at the Bank's selling price (cost plus profit margin) on deferred payment terms and thereafter the Bank will request another party (contractor) to construct the project. The payment of the Bank's selling price may be paid in full or by way of progressive payment as the case may be. 

Ijara Service

This product is ideal for customers looking for financing to pay for services such as School Fees, Rent, Hospital Bills, Medical Bills etc. Under this arrangement, the Bank procures the service and the customer buys it over on a deferred payment basis.

Jaiz General Consumer Finance

This is a consumer product that enables customers to acquire building materials, consumable goods and real estate with the flexibility of a monthly payment plan. It is financed under cost plus structure where the Bank purchases the goods identified by the customer and sells same to the customer at a mark-up. 

Jaiz Home Finance (Ijara wa Iqtina)

This is a product that enables a customer to own a house with ease. Under Jaiz Home Finance, the Bank partners with its customer to jointly own a house identified by the customer. The customer in turn agrees to lease the Bank's share of the house while gradually buying that portion of the house owned by the Bank. 

Agent Banking

Agency banking is a tool used in emerging economies to expand demand for banking services; decongest bank branches; reduce the cost to serve and achieve financial inclusion. It also holds a promise of a low-cost means of market penetration by banks and other financial institutions, especially into the rural areas.