Investor Relations



Corrigendum to Annual Report for the Financial Year 2020

PRB Reporting - Self Assessment Template

PRB Reporting - Self Assessment Template for Jaiz Bank

Sustainability Report 2020

Jaiz Bank Sustainability Report

Impact of COVID-19

Impact of COVID-19 to our Business Operations

Annual Report and Account

In this section, you can find Jaiz Bank's annual reports presenting the comprehensive report on our activities for each year we have been in operation.

Unaudited Account

These reflect our financial positions as prepared by our internal accounting teams prior to scrutiny by independent auditors.

Notice of Annual General Meeting

Please find available for your download, Jaiz Bank's notice of Annual General Meeting.

Rights Issue

Download the Right Issue form here

Audited Report

Audited Report

Proxy form

For the purpose of representation during our Annual General Meeting, a shareholder may appoint a proxy, and the proxy may be appointed to exercise the rights attached to the shares held by the shareholder.

Other Forms

Find other relevant forms and documents for your download.