JaizMobile Plus

Jaiz Bank Mobile Banking App

JaizMobile Plus is Jaiz Bank’s brand name for Mobile Banking. JaizMobile Plus is a secure and highly robust platform that allows our customers to carry out their transactions in a safe and convenient manner with the use of their mobile phones. Logging on to JaizMobile Plus gives customers unhindered access to their accounts with Jaiz Bank.

It is simple to use and provides you a convenient, and secure way to do your banking transactions anytime and anywhere.

JaizMobile App can be downloaded from Google Play Store on Android devices and App Store on iOS devices.

How do I register for JaizMobile Plus?

Follow the 4 quick steps below to activate Jaiz mobile

  • Step 1: Download JaizMobile Plus on Google Play store and Apple store for android and iOS respectively. You will have the following options to sign up using:
    • Jaiz Account
    • Active Jaiz Debit Card
    • Mobile phone with at least Android version 5.0 and iOS version 13.0
    • Create your login details (User ID and Password)
  • Step 2: Upload the attached FAQs on our FAQs section.

For limit increase, kindly visit any of our branches or call our Contact Center on 07080635500 or 07080635555


  • Secure and convenient way to manage your finance
  • Easy access to your account in Jaiz Bank anytime, anywhere
  • Funds transfer to your account in Jaiz Bank and to other bank accounts even after banking hours
  • Recharge your phone and that of family and friends anytime without stress of scratching cards
  • Perform your bills payment from your phone anywhere in Nigeria
  • View your account transactions on the Go…

Download our App from the appropriate stores

Jaiz Premium Savings Account

JAPSA is an investment product based on the principles of partnership called Mudarabah and is offered to our unique and highly valued premium customers.

Current Account

Jaiz Current Account is a Naira account tailored for customers who carry out frequent transactions and would require unlimited access without any restrictions on withdrawal while enjoying a host of professional services from the Bank.


JaizPay is a secure web payment gateway developed to facilitate payments online using debit cards issued by Nigerian banks. JaizPay plugs in seamlessly with the existing websites of customers and acts as a bridge between the customer’s website and the bank.